Faith Conquers Fear

It has been a long time since I sat down to write, which says a lot. First when I am not prioritizing to writing I know that means my mental health needs a check. Writing is therapeutic for me but also it says where my head is at if I am not putting it into my life. Secondly, it speaks to how busy I am. Once I get to busy I start cutting out the things I need but feel like it is not important enough compared to my lists and lists. So here I am today, sitting down to write because I feel like I might explode if I don’t get it out my head.

I am going through my own little crisis. I am having some weird physical health issues that are debilitating to my life but also taking time to figure out what they are meaning no answers, no solutions and impacting me on levels of physical health but also my mental health. A friend asked me today ‘are you fearful of what is happening’ My first response was only in moments, but overall feel like Im okay. Well God, being God, decided he needed me to learn the real answer to that and fast. Literally minutes later we walked into our weekly bible study and the topic ‘fear.’ Actually even better ‘Breaking Free from Fear’

As we went through this day’s study, it became more and more apparent; I am fearful. The great thing and blessing of this, was realizing this AS I was learning about fear with keeping Jesus as the core of it, and learning how to handle it, what to do with it and how to break free from it. I want this post to encourage others who are going through their own battle with fear.

Fear’s Bondage
One major thing I have recognized is the enemy’s role in our fear. The other day I started to have symptoms of what I am experiencing in my health problems that were very intense, and it triggered a panic attack. I literally couldn’t see and couldn’t breath and began to panic because I had all 3 kids home alone. I came very close to calling 911 on myself. I called my husband who was not close to town (but was on his way) I ALMOST called some friends, the thought went through my mind to let someone who was physically close know what was happening. IMMEDIATELY I heard a voice so convincing tell me ‘dont do it they dont care, they are busy with their life and dont have time for you’ At the time I was panicking so didnt grasp the reality; that this was a lie. I didnt call anyone, I believed that lie and literally could have put my life in danger by listening to it. Thankfully the symptoms died down and I was okay. My point is; the enemy’s voice is convincing and powerful and we need to realize that he wants us to stay in fear because that is where he only has power.

Trust in God

In the book we are reading it said this ‘When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you (psalm 56:3) The Future king didnt minimize his situation or deny his feelings; rather he described how he conquered fear’s bondage: David put his trust in God.  This brings me nicely to my first point of how to deal with fear. As we learned from 3 different people in the bible in our study who dealt with fear, this was the overwhelming response to fear. Trusting God in his character, his track record, his promises, his truths, the list goes on and on. If we are fearful of something, can we be trusting God too? We can only know all these things if we are in his word constantly growing and hungering after him. We are only able truly trust him if we know him, and the way to know him is through his living word. 

Fear needs to be Tamed-harnessed by faith

One of the stories we studied, was when Jesus calmed the storm. They were fearful of what was happening in front of them, but their fear was tamed by remembering that Jesus was there. He was in control of the storm and waves. Now how does that apply to us? He is in control. Of every storm, of every circumstance, of every single little thing that the enemy wants us to be fearful of; he is in control. Now since we understand that, we need to believe that he can tame down our fear, with our faith in him. We need to have faith in not only him, but who is is and what he is capable of. We need to know that because Jesus is there, the storm will be tamed.  It may not look like the ‘tamed down’ we would like or choose, but in his will, he will tame the storm.

Dont take your eyes of of Jesus

What we learned from Jesus walking on water and Peter getting out to walk to him. His eyes were on God, but the literal second he took his eyes off of Jesus and onto his circumstances, he began to drown. Once he refocused back to Jesus, he was saved. There is a casting crowns song that I listened to on repeat during a really dark season of mine and it said ‘if you eyes are on the storm you’ll wonder if I love you still, if your eyes are on me you’ll know that I always have an I always will’
I learned in that season, that if my eyes are on my circumstances and my struggle, I will drown. If I shift my focus and have trust in faith in Jesus-not that my circumstances will change or everything will get better, but just trust that what I know about who God is, is true, than I will be saved.

Praise God

In the story we studied of David as he was running in fear of his life from Saul who was trying to kill him. The most interesting thing is that David talks about his situation and circumstances, but his focus is on God. His focus is on the fact that he trusts God, that he believes in his power but then he takes it a step further and PRAISES God.  David has the foundational knowledge and belief in who God is that I aspire to have. He knows that no tear is ever wasted, that no circumstance is never for nothing. He completely teaches us that we need to shift our perspective away from our fear and pain and onto worshipping and praising God in the midsts of it. 

So how do we do all this? You take a step forward, towards your fear. You take whatever courage you can muster up, and you walk in faith towards what every aspect of your being is telling you to turn and run away from. You face it like its a giant and all you have is a rock and a sling. 

The chapter ended with this, and this is how I want to leave you today: So when fear comes, ask yourself “Why am I afraid?” Then decide whether you’ll move forward in fear, or in faith.